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May 29, 2012
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Inside Secret HQ

Both Team Sonic and the Secret Freedom Fighters are all resting easy as they sleep the night away. Everybody, except one.

Inside the Cyber-Ring

Nicole has been having horrible nightmares for the past few weeks, which would explain why she's having a hard time falling asleep, even for an A.I. Program. She never told any of her friends about these nightmares, since she doesn't want any of them to worry. The nightmares she's been having are no ordinary bad dreams, but mainly nightmares that talks of randoms but possible fates that will happen to her friends(Sonic drowning in the waters by Mecha Sally, Knuckles being roboticized/legeonized, and Tails getting torn apart on all four limbs by Ixis Naugus, etc.)

She is sitting on her digital bed in her sleepwears(which consists a light purple babydoll night gown and a pair of leg warmers) with her chin resting on her knees, as she thinks 'It's been over 12:00 pm, and I still can't sleep. What if I have another nightmare again? What if they all come true?....perhaps a little fresh air could calm me.'

She then gets up from her bed and walks out of her digital house into her own Cyber paradise. She and Tails have been working on this world together. It was created to allow Nicole's living in the Cyber-Ring more of a comfort and to allow her to relieve all her stresses(or so it seems). The paradise appears as a an open field with a huge pond that has a small narrow stream connecting it to the ocean that runs through a beach, on both sides of the stream are two cliffs that all slope down around the pond. The Cyber-Ring was programmed to have the same function of time as the real world has, so technically speaking, it is now nighttime and the night sky is displayed in the Cyber-Ring.

Nicole just stood there, awing at the sight of her own little world, the cold wind lightly blowing at her, sending her long jet-black hair flowing, and sending chills down through her bare arms and the exposed areas of her legs( her leg warmer's reach up to about the length of her knees). She then lies down on her back and gaze at the stars. She once done this with Sally Acorn once(see Sth: 151), then a thought began in her mind.'Such a peaceful night it is. Why can't I ever dream of a moment like this? These nightmares, why do they keep haunting me? How do I make them stop? Could they be true?....Maybe I really do need help from someone. But who?....Sonic and Silver both had a long day today with Shadow and G.U.N(the three hedgehogs formed an alliance with each other against Ixis Naugus and Dr. Eggman. That's in an another story).Elias and Shard(original metal sonic) both had suffered an accident at one of Dr. Eggman's robot base. Leeta, Lyco, and Larry are all both in comas during the same mission, luckily they will, be okay. Knuckles is busy protecting the Master Emerald tonight. ....Tails! Of course, he hadn't gone on a mission for almost about week. He seems okay to talk too. He'll understand. I better go see him.'

And with her thoughts finally made up, Nicole beams out of the Cyber-Ring and into the Real World.

Tail's Room

The young twin-tailed fox is sleeping in his bed with his nightcap on, while hugging one of his fluffy namesake like a child hugging a teddy bear. Sleeping on the side of his bed is his robotic dog, T-Pup.

None of the two are aware of Nicole's presence as she materializes into the fox's room. Nicole couldn't help but notice how calm and cute Tails looks when he's asleep. But then she later snaps her thought out of it as she knows what she came to Tails for.

"Um,Tails?" she said, in a quiet and shy voice.

At the sound of her voice, both Tails and T-Pup were beginning to stir as they were beginning to wake up. Tails just rolls on his side to face Nicole as he slowly opens his eyes, while T-Pup just stretches in a way that all dogs do before he jumps on the bed with Tails.

"Nicole?" Tails said as he yawns and rubs his eyes.

Nicole just stood there rubbing her bare arm in embarrassment and brushing the hairs out of her face before speaking,"hey, are you wake?"

"Am now. " Tails said in a sleepy voice and with a gentle smile, but then it broke into a frown when Tails notices the troubled look in Nicole's eyes. "Nicole, are you okay? Is there something wrong?"

The lynx just went over and sat down besides the twin tailed-fox and began telling the stories of her nightmares to her closest friend. As she was telling the stories, tears began to form in her eyes and landed softly at her hand. Then, when she got to the part where she sees Tails getting pulled apart and killed instantly, she couldn't find the strength to continue on and starts to cry as she hugs the young fox. Tails can see how distraught Nicole is when it comes to dealing with nightmares such as these, but nevertheless, he just hugs her back as he spoke some comforting words into her ear and as T-Pup flies up and gives her a big friendly lick on the cheek.

" *sniffs* Tails *sobs* You don't know how much it means to me. To lose you and everyone, those who I love means losing friends who I see as a family. I'm just...*sob*....just...."

"Nicole. Don't worry, you'll never lose any of us. We're here with you no matter what. Sometimes, you don't have to deal with some problems on your own, we could help you. Never carry these kinds of burdens on your own. We're like a family, and families look after each other. That's some of the lessons Cream and I had taught you when you first wanted to know more about love. These nightmares don't actually tell you what may happen in the future. Some do, but some don't. You just need to let the positive take control of your life and not the negative."

"Arf, Arf" T-Pup barks as he gave Nicole another kiss on the cheek.

"See, even T-Pup agrees."

Nicole, with her eyes all red just smiles at Tails."That's true. Thank you, Tails."

Then the lynx brushes more of her hair out of her face before she plants a kiss on the fox's cheek. No sooner did she do that when Tails's face went as red as the rose. Nicole just giggles along with T-Pup at the fox's embarrassment as he just crawls back into bed and buries his redness in his pillow.

"Uh-uh-l-look, it's late and we should probably just go to bed" Tails explains as he tries not to let his embarrassment consume him.

"Actually Tails, I was thinking of sleeping with you for tonight" Nicole replies as she rubs her bare arm in embarrassment, "would that be okay with you?"

" Uh, no, I don't mind."

"Thanks Tails" Nicole happily cries as she crawls in bed to sleep next to Tails,"Good night, Tails."

"Good night, Nic."

The two friends began to drift off to sleep together. As Tails starts hugging one of his fluffy namesakes again, Nicole places a hand over him and pulls him closer to her into a cuddle. Tails just smiles warmly and closes his eyes as he and the A.I. Program both went to sleep instantly. Without, having any more bad dreams for Nicole.

Outside of Tails's Room

Someone had been spying on the two.

"Aww, they look so cute together when they're asleep."

"You do know he's gonna hate you for spying on him and her, faker."

"Aww, Shadz, you really know how to ruin my fun don't you."

Bean the Dynamite comes in: "Ooooh, busted. Also, THE END."
Just a little fanfic I made out of boredom.

Oh, and the story's title was based off of the title of this story along with Nicole's sleepwear:[link]
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